about me

My focus lies on the in-between moments. I think those quiet spaces can hold so much information. When someone is seen for who they are, absolutely, it’s the most powerful feeling in the world.

hi! i'm nicci 🌈

I was born and raised in Indiana, and my home studio is located in Fishers, just North of Indianapolis. Outside of photography, I design dog-shaped address stamps and wedding guestbooks for the online stationery shop that I founded in 2013.

On weekends, I am wondering outside with my three children, making out with my girlfriend, relaxing in the tub, or busy with a home improvement project.

I reject this concept that women can only show up in photos in one way. Women are multi faceted. They are complicated. They fulfill many roles over the course of their lives, sometimes multiple roles in a day. All roles are okay, and worthy of being photographed. Boudoir photography is about telling YOUR story. Demure and powerful. Sensual and seductive. Submissive and dominant. Love and loneliness.

I love being on the other side of the lens as well! I honor my clients' vulnerability with my own openness.