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Meet Nicci

I’m a mom of three and a wife. I love being in front of and behind the camera. I love animals and have two fur babies, my black Cavapoo Marshmellow and a Ragdoll cat whom I affectionately call Monster Pussy. My life is chaotic and busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In my free time, (what’s that?) I enjoy shopping, decorating my house, hanging out with family, discovering new hiking trails, going on a road trip, or visiting local farms.



“Nicci did such a great job and I received my images super fast! She’ll make you feel comfortable and she knows how to coach you and will show you how to pose. Her house/sets are super cool and her little pup is so cute!”

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My editing style is really unique. Editing is one of my favorite parts of photography. Editing is what takes a photo and turns it into art. My work is not always super consistent, because I am inspired by the subject, fashion, the scene, and lighting. I edit what matches that mood, instead of trying to force everything into a pretty matching box. As camera technology gets better and better, I find myself more interested in imperfections like grain, overexposure, or a missed focus. I love the nostalgic look of film.


I love being on the other side of the lens as well! Stepping outside my comfort zone has been one of the most body positive things I have ever done! Photographers, let's collaborate!

Photos are this page were taken by The Delicate Studio, Sweet Caroline PhotographyAllison MosbeckHashtag MemoriesCassandra Tribbett & last but not least, Teri Hofford.

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