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I’m a mom of three and a wife. I love being in front of and behind the camera. I love animals and have two fur babies, my black Cavapoo Marshmellow and a Ragdoll cat whom I affectionately call Monster Pussy. My life is chaotic and busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I'm not shooting, I'm probably drinking while cooking, eating in my car, online shopping, buying more plants, or going on family adventures.



“Nicci did such a great job and I received my images super fast! She’ll make you feel comfortable and she knows how to coach you and will show you how to pose. Her house/sets are super cool and her little pup is so cute!”

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My editing style is really unique. Editing is one of my favorite parts of photography. Editing is what takes a photo and turns it into art. My work is not always super consistent, because I am inspired by the subject, fashion, the scene, and lighting. I edit what matches that mood, instead of trying to force everything into a pretty matching box. As camera technology gets better and better, I find myself more interested in imperfections like grain, overexposure, or a missed focus. I love the nostalgic look of film.


I love being on the other side of the lens as well! Stepping outside my comfort zone has been one of the most body positive things I have ever done! Photographers, let's collaborate!

Photos are this page were taken by The Delicate Studio, Sweet Caroline PhotographyAllison MosbeckHashtag MemoriesCassandra Tribbett & last but not least, Teri Hofford.

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I am not allowed to show most of my work online, so I use Only Fans to share images freely without the fear of being banned.

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It means a lot to me! Your support means that I can continue experimenting and being a creative weirdo.