Idea: Food trucks, but instead of food, therapy. They could call them automo-feels. ✨ And instead of therapists, just normal people. Maybe they could be decorated really cute, with lots of plants and open windows. 🌱 You go in, unload all your thoughts and feelings onto this perfect nonjudgemental stranger, the questions you are struggling with. Then you sit and be “therapist” for the next person. Because just talking about what you’re going through can be healing. How would it feel to have someone to say, yep, I hear you? “I don’t have the answers, but you are okay.” And then also to have the experience of sitting with someone else in their pain. That perspective is beneficial. The knowledge that all of us humans are imperfect and struggling in some way. The more people I meet and photograph, the more I realize this is true. You aren’t alone. We are all complicated and imperfect, even if it appears otherwise. 📸