Humans are mostly concerned about these four things: death, isolation, meaninglessness, and freedom.

Once you are aware of these concerns, you can figure out why your silly brain does weird stuff sometimes.

Death: If you feel like you’re aging and becoming less vibrant, you may find yourself chasing highs, whether it’s sex, drugs, fitness, or adrenaline.

Isolation: If you feel abandoned, you may find yourself compulsively working. Working so much that you don’t really have time for relationships anyway.

Meaninglessness: If you feel like you’re struggling to feel like you are making a difference in the world, you may find yourself consumed by religion, blindly following a group, or hyper-focused on your children.

If you feel like you can’t handle the responsibility of being in charge of your life, you may find yourself giving your power to someone else.

All four of these scenarios are coping mechanisms for dealing with the human condition. Once you’re aware of what you’re doing, you’ll be able to view your experiences from a difference perspective, and manage the anxiety better.

The plague has brought all these things to the forefront of my brain, and I’m trying to figure out how to live for me, not other people. Let’s savor. Let’s stop to smell the flowers. Let’s mix stuff up.