The way you look doesn’t determine whether you are worthy any of the things you want out of your life. But the way you feel about yourself does. It can be difficult to separate your worth from your appearance.

I just finished a book, and at one point the author made an observation that people teach lessons that they need to learn themselves. Subconsciously, maybe this genre attracted me the most because of insecurities I need to heal within myself.

I am so grateful for all my clients who have worked with me on this journey. The way I feel about myself is very much a reflection of the way that I photograph and interact with my clients. I will show you photos of yourself that you love, and I might show you some that you don’t. It’s normal to have negative feelings toward your body. You are not alone! I don’t have all the answers, and I never will, but I do know that life is better when you give less fucks.